Synthesizing and generating evidence for improving future health care decisions

About Us

Our Mission

To assist health-care professionals and organizations to synthesize and generate evidence for the purpose of improving future health-care delivery.

Our Values

We are devoted to serving our clients with integrity by providing timely, reputable, and transparent comparative effectiveness services and products. Our relationship-oriented interactive approach promotes effective communication, rapid problem-solving, and timely results. Our commitment to teamwork within our organization and with our clients facilitates excellence in all our projects.

Our Team and Approach

Spectrum was founded in 2000 by two clinical epidemiologists who bring 35 years of experience in clinical research to the team. Spectrum’s unique team approach ensures quality products and services. Teams are headed by PhD epidemiologists with clinical backgrounds and extensive experience in comparative effectiveness research to include health technology assessments, comparative effectiveness reviews, guideline development/assessment, health policy development/assessment, study design, database development/management, and data analysis. Spectrum Research also has a strong group of research support personnel organized into teams based on specific research products and services. This alignment leverages our staff’s industry-specific expertise to provide for the individual needs of our clients. We have a large network of physicians, biostatisticians, writers, and health scientists who join project teams as needed. Our boutique-style approach allows direct client access to our experienced leadership team, enabling an interactive decision-making process with our clients. At Spectrum, we go the extra mile to ensure that our products and services exceed client expectations and are of the highest scientific quality.


Here are Spectrum Research, we offer a variety of clinical research based services.

  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Health Technology Assessments
  • Clinical Guideline Development and Evaluation
  • Health Policy Evaluation and Support
  • Evidence Generation for Clinical Research Studies
  • Database Development and Management

Contact Us

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