Evidence Generation

Evidence Generation Through High Quality Clinical Research Services

The Clinical Research Team at Spectrum Research provides boutique-style services in all phases of clinical trial development and operations. Our focus is to assist individual clinicians, academic institutions, and private industry to generate evidence and to produce high-quality publications. This team works closely with the Evidence Synthesis teams fostering a strong cross-collaboration to achieve the goals of our clients.

The team at Spectrum can assist you in planning your clinical trials, as well as assist in managing the operational, data, and analysis aspects of your projects. Our qualified team will interact directly with you to facilitate the effective and timely completion for meeting your clinical research needs. The combination of our expertise and responsiveness ensures our clients receive the highest quality Comparative Effectiveness Research services.

Therapeutic and diagnostic areas – Spectrum’s team has provided clinical trial design, management, and analysis services in: orthopedics, spine and neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation; diagnostic testing, dental implantology and anesthesia and pain management, both in adults and pediatrics.