Health Policy Evaluation

Health Policy Assessment and Support

In an environment motivated by evidence-based medicine to both control costs and provide patients with effective treatment options, Spectrum Research is committed to facilitating a collaborative working relationship among policy makers, industry, clinicians, and patients to arrive at consistent, transparent, evidence-based decisions.

Spectrum Research has a strong background in providing evidence and input in health policy decisions. Our Health Technology Assessments have been used by several clients and organizations to make evidence-based decisions regarding the safety and efficacy of specific treatments.

Spectrum’s transparent approach to evaluating the evidence makes it an ideal consulting firm for the development of new policies and the evaluation of existing policies. In addition to providing the evidence in support of new payer policies, we have been involved in research that has evaluated consistencies and quality of payer policies.

The keys to a high-quality payer policy are the following:

  • Transparency in the development process
  • Systematic process for identification of relevant research evidence
  • Formal critical appraisal or quality rating for evidence
  • Clear link between the evidence and the recommendations
  • Description of how recommendations were formulated
  • Potential conflict of interest disclosure